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tv   FOX 35 News at 5  FOX  February 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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related to his escape. quigg his charged with helping him get away and little sander is now in dcf custody. his grandmother is on her way to kentucky now to get him. >> i got a phone call just a little while ago, within the hour, from brian, the u.s. marshal, that was working the case, and he told me that they found my grandson. and he said that they have the adults in custody and my grandson is fine, everyone is fine,; >> tammy tells us this the happiest day of her life. in the satellite center, fox 35 >> great news. right now we're learning null details about an arrest in a mass shooting at blitz night club two people were killed last weekend.
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holly bristow is live in orlando where the police chief is speak next case. >> he is and right here in this affidavit police specifically asked that the judge deny bond for lopez, the man connected in with the shooting, saying that anyone in the club who had a gun had no regard for human life. there is still an open and active investigation and he could be a danger to the community, but the judge gave him a $5,100 bond and he bailed out of jail in less than $4,800. >> an arrest made in connection witch the chaos at the ultra lounges morning. police charged jose lopez with carrying concealed weapon and tampering with evidence. the police chief says this was not a random shooting. >> there was a fight between two groups that escalated into a shooting. those two groups began to shoot at each other. >> two people are dead,
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33-year-old jonathan avila rojas. >> they were on opposite sides of the fight. >> police are not saying who the shooters were, witnesses saw lopez running out of a back door of the club with a gun and then he was seen throwing it on to this roof. when investigators got ahold of him they say he had an extended clip in his pocket to nine millimeter gun and also had blood on his shirt. according to lopez, sylla lobos hug him after he was shot. a total of ten people were shot in the club, five of which were innocent bystanders, three people in the fight were treated and released. >> one person remains in the hospital but is in stable condition. that person did participate in the altercation, and is not an innocent bystander. >> the arrest affidavit says there has been talk on social media the madness that ensued is gang related and retaliation is being talked about on social media. the chief's response.
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right now, as this is an ongoing investigation. >> the chief would neither confirm nor deny if outside agencies, including the feds, are involved in the investigation. i will tell you that driving through downtown orlando last night i saw opd cruisers parked in front of a couple of clubs where i haven't seen them in the past. i also spoke with a security agency that didn't have anything do with the shooting at club glitz. keys to the city does a lot of security work for clubs and bars in orlando. their owner told me they have a 20 to 30 percent increase in booked business for this weekend. bar and club openers afraid there could be some retaliation in other parts of the community. reporting live, fox 35 news. >> sonni: family are grieving after a man and pregnant woman are killed in a horrible dump truck accident. it happened on forest grove drive in palm coast last night. authorities calls this just a tragic mistake. kelly joyce is live near the
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where family has been showing up all day. kelly? >> reporter: family and friends have been showing up here. they were here earlier this morning, many of them bringing flowers, balloons and candles for the two that lost their lives. >> it was an emotional scene today at the construction site where jessica darby and kevin walsh died last night. >> this is very, very good guy. very loving, very caring. just don't understand it. i don't understand it. i love you, kevin. >> according to florida highway patrol troopers walsh got out of his pickup truck, stuck in the sand last night. trooper says walsh called a friend, and his friend's fiancee, jess da darby to help and try and pull him out. when that didn't work they asked a dump truck driver here to help. after several attempts of that not working, the driver was backing up to leave the scene
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accidentally ran over and killed wall and darby. darby was eight months pregnant. friends and family of walsh describe him as kind, hard working, landscaper who just started his open company. >> kevin was a great kid, great worker, great manner of kid. he eventually bought his own business. he was a hustler and i can't imagine how this happened. i really can't. he did everything right. >> i loved that boy. you have no idea. he meant the world to me. one of hour best workers -- our best workers ever. >> i'll miss him. >> reporter: florida highway patrol is investigating. they haven't said whether the dump truck driver will be charged or cited for anything but at this point they say it simply looks like a horrible accident. we are also told the dump truck driver was having chest pains after what happened here and
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the hospital. bob bob getting schooled. school grades, they're in. the news not that bad after tests. tonight. mike synan is live in the satellite center to break it down for us. mike? >> we were told that the test is invalid and the results will be a disaster. they exaggerated. they're celebrating the release of grades in seminole county. >> unique, the first time in the history hoff the seminole county public schools all high schools have been agreedded at a. >> just two elementally schools got ds. >> we had a new test last year, the florida standards assessment and we also do not have learning gains factored into the equation this year so the growth that students have made from the last testing period until the end of the year aren't factored into the school grades. >> that's why orange county called the tests of partial value, and limited grade. no learning gapes were included.
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being used for the first time, you have nothing to compare it to. you have no measurement to compare it to. so in that sense it's hard to say that it is valid. >> reporter: ore low vista elementary school is one of five rated f by the state in orange county. the others were pine hills, ivy lane, eckleston, and washington shores. bus no one is really sure how the tests will be graded this year and how learning gains are factored in, seminole county is offering parents a warning. >> we're anticipating that the results may not be as favorable next year as they are this year. >> yolo, lake, brevard, celebrate what they consider to be good grades in their district, and no district got less than a b. to see how your child's school is graded 0, go to our web site, fox 35 news. >> thank you. news alert out of volusia county. police need your help, trying to
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>> look at what one of the suspects looked like. the robbery happened on february 3rd. a woman had just pulled into her trooper when the two men approached. both were armed with guns and demanded money. they ran away with $50 from the victim. anyone with information should call daytona beach police. >> two brothers killed while hosting a super bowl party have been identified but the mid-still remains as to who killed them. 34-year-old antonio jones and 16-year-old christian jones were hosting the super bowl party. stone bridge reserves apartment. robert trent jones drive ons. investigators say they were on their way to the older brother's apartment for the party but they never made it. instead deputies say somebody chased the brothers and shot them. unclear why they were gunned down. if you have information, give crimeline a call. >> in polk county investigators bust two people for operating a marijuana grow house. detectives found 111 plants in
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the home on dixie drive. electrical workers noticed some unusual wiring. the total cost of stolen electricity was more than $3,500. >> u.s. senate minority leader harry reid is calling on allen grayson to drop out of the race for the senate seat in florida. reid said that gray son seems to have, quote no moral compass and says gray son used his office town ethically promote a hedge fund until recently had been based in the camman island, grayson is running in the democratic primary to replace u.s. senator marco rubio. grayson says it is a hyped story. a former orlando magic player in federal court. >> tonight, he is not the one in trouble. why his personal assistant is faring issues with the law.
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big weekend of racing. brooks? >> glorious conditions outside today. take a live look out the window. downtown. 73 degrees.
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the >> sonni: you decide 2016. donald trump taking his campaign to florida. >> bob: mr. trump will hold a massive rally at the university of south florida in tampa. we're live in tampa with a preview. evan? >> reporter: bob and sonny, obviously donald trump has become very famous for his rallies, very large rallies and he certainly always one to point that out. we have plenty of people around
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the way around the sun dome here. there are 12,000 people who are going to be allowed in there may even be more tickets than space inside. so there could be some disappointed folks here when they're not able to get in. now, trump has given many of the people here online who have been speaking to hope. they believe what he says, that he can finally get done what they have been dreaming about. given few specifics on the campaign trail but a the like his general views on border control, the fight against isis and also bringing jobs back to america, as he puts it. one thing that is interesting is several of the people here told me they don't love the vug garrett he -- vulgarity he has been using nor love the fight he picked with ted cruz whether cruz is eligible to run for president, but these folks are here anyway. [chanting] >> bob: on monday we'll be a
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tomorrow be sure to catch our weekly critical show, called "countdown to florida primary." join us saturday morning on my 65 and then saturday night at 11:00 after the fox 35 news right here. >> sonni: former orlando magic basketball player gilbert arenas scored in a federal courtroom after authorizes say he was ripped off by miss personal assistance -- assistant. >> reporter: a federal court judge sentenced that personal assistant to four years in a federal prison. prosecutors say it was someone that the basketball star really trusted. >> nba star gilbert arenas is now retired but recently won a case in a different court after federal prosecutors say someone embezzled money for trim. >> gilbert arenas was an nba back player waiver lucrative contract.
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contract in the amount of over a million -- over $100 million. >> assistant u.s. attorney andrew cesaire prosecute the case against the assistant, john white. >> this is a perfect crime of opportunity, and a crime of betrayal. >> investigators say white stole $2.1 million from aye arenas from 2008 to 2011. the nba star played for the orlando million in 2010. prosecutors say he met white in high school and hired him as his personal assistant to take care of his home and other needs. >> was able to begin access to one of mr. arenas' bank accounts. then able to communicate with a wealth management company and have them france at the money from one of mr. arenas' bank accounts into the account that mr. white controlled. from there, mr. white was able to transfer the money into this own account and he did this to the tune of approximately $2.1 million. >> reporter: prosecutors say
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purchase some luxury cars. >> he bought luxury items, including a ferrari vehicle, and paid for the mortgage on his house and other personal expenses. >> reporter: according to investigateyear arenas discovered what happened after taking a trip to the bank. >> mr. arenas went to a bank and tried to access his money, and was told there was someone else on the account. so that what tipped him off, and had him start looking at his finances. >> reporter: white was convicted of wire fraud and file rag false tax document last year. he'll face four years and nine months in prison. >> he received a sentence of 57 months in federal prison, and he is scheduled to start serving that in a few months. >> reporter: authorities still need to determine what prison white will be heading to. life in orlando, fox 35 news.
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making headlines. >> sonni: two 15-year-old girls are dead after a shooting at felony dale high school in arizona. police got a call from the high school where two students were found out under a covered patio. the girls were next to each other with a weapon beside them. police don't believe there are anymore suspects nor are they searching for anyone. no other students were hurt. >> bob: out of new jersey you can see fire crews battling a massive fire at a warehouse complex. the fire started around 3:30 thursday afternoon. the reports say the smoke could be seen as far away as 50 miles. no word on the cause, though, of the fire. >> sonni: russia staging a show of power on the crimean peninsula. 8500 troops, 900 military vehicles, 50 warships and 200 war planes. the display is believed to be russia's response to a nato security buildup in eastern
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>> bob: checking in on the forecast. a noticeable difference today. >> we got into the 70s. we have had seven days where temperatures have hovered in the 50s and 60s for highs. today, 74 degrees. normal. we made it to 76. believe it or not, think about this. the 12th day of february, the first time we have made into it the 70s for highs. the first four days of february we had highs in the 80s. what a nice spectacular day all across central florida. outside right now, 73 degrees, downtown orlando, same thing in melbourne, brevard county, 70 degrees right now on the swamp. a spectacular february day across central florida. heading out this evening, we'll fall through the 50s, into the 60s tonight. might be able to get by with without the jacket or sweater until later on this evening. otherwise, should be a-okay with the clear skies and no rain in the immediate forecast. let talk about rain and chances of it. that comes monday, into tuesday.
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we'll fine-tune the forecast. otherwise seasonal temperatures, right now, the weekend, looking sunny and mild. a little cooler than right now but no cold temperatures on the way. outside right now, live view from the amway cram remarks 73 degrees with cheer blue have picked up in the last couple of hours, coming out of the west southwest or the west, 15-miles-an-hour. gusting at times even higher than that, like at daytona international. west southwest at 22. 73 in melbourne, same thing in titusville, brevard county. almost everybody in the 7s so. the coolest weather towards the gulf of mexico and much warmer than this time yesterday, on the order of four, eight, 13 degrees warmer in brevard and flagler county. we are going to see the wind goes more northerly over the weekend but not tapping into any really cold air. the air just to our north and the 60s and 70s.
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to show you what is going to be occurring this weekend in the northeast. this big batch of arctic air is going to slide right over the northeast, right over the mid-atlantic, sunday morning temperatures below zero, places like new york and boston. some spots, 30 below zero. we live in florida. sunny skies this afternoon. sunny skies most of the weekend. clear skies overnight tonight. a bit breezy. low temperatures in the i-4 corridor, let's go low 50s. tomorrow, 67. plentiful sunshine. the north winds come into play, 67 tomorrow, 68 on sunday with a few more clouds and it does look like the rain will come in late monday, into tuesday. 40% chance on monday. higher on tuesday morning. i think clearing out to end off the work and school week and begin the big weekend at daytona. >> bob: nascar drivers hitting
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next weekend's daytona few 500 but this weekend's qualifying praise. the sprint cup practice just kicked off. adam is live out there at the speedway. got the head phones on. can you hear me talking? has to be noisy out there. >> reporter: yes, the cars are on the track. i can certainly hear and it feel it as they zoom by. we're underway at speed weeks a daytona international speedway. bright now, sprint unlimited practice, two singses tonight -- two sessions tonight, one from 5:00 to 6:00 p.m., and win from 6:30 to 7:30. we're in the first session, all the cars on the track at answer. we al-had arca group qualifying and we had random draw for the sprint unlimited race. that's an all-star race. guess who got the pole? jimmy johnson, the 2 car, brad
5:22 pm
one, as for dale dale earnhardt, the drew was not kind. he will be in the second to last row. sad night, 8:00 on fox 35. coming up at 6:00, well have an update on the first round of sprint unlimited practice here from daytona, but for now, fox 35 sports. >> bob: thank you. tragedy bringing a florida couple together. >> sonni: how a first responder and the woman he once treated found true love. bob been new information about a former corrections deputy
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>> sonni: when one florida couple takes their vows they'll be focused on the for better part because they have already been through therefore for worse possible. >> bob: it was a disaster that brought them together, then something amazing happened. [sirens] >> i survived a murder case at the hands of my ex-boyfriend. i was stabbed 32 times. >> reporter: not the way most love stories begin. >> we like all the same things,. >> reporter: but in order to tell their tale we have to start at the beginning, on the night of a horrific attack. >> i remember immediately tons
5:26 pm
rescue, everything was there at once. >> reporter: one of the first responder was cameron, a firefighter called to scene to help save melissa. >> i think it's fate. that little feeling. fate. >> reporter: fate reunited them ten months later when she shared her story for their first time and cameron was there in the crowd. >> i was just overwhelmed with joy and felling so blessed to meet them and say thank you. >> i was trying to not cry myself. >> reporter: he invited her back to firehouse for dinner with the rest of the crew. >> i was extremely giddy, having din with the men who saved your life. >> the more they talked the more she realized she was falling for her hero. >> the more i learned about cam ran the more i realized we had so much in common and this feeling was not just because it was somebody that helped save me.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: she -- he knew she was the one. >> i've waited a long time to find the right girl. >> who survive a brutal attack in january 2012. >> reporter: and popped the question in front of a stadium rays. >> said will you marry me, and as soon as i was like -- i looked at and it could read it. was down on one knee. >> sonni: what a nice story. coming up, getting guns off the street. bob can. >> bob: the drive that authorities hope will keep
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>> sonni: an alleged sexual (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. @ >> bob: new type of.
5:30 pm
a form brevard county deputy accuses of having sex with an inmate. >> sonni: at the'll nail has a closer look at this. he is live from brevard county. >> reporter: in that arrest warrant we learned who the inmate is that he had the inappropriate sexual relationship with as well as the impact this is having on his neighborhood. in court documents obtains by fox 35, we learned 29-year-old tiffani kemper is an inmade serving a year in the brevard county jail for violating the terms of her parole. on grand theft and drug possession charges. one of the supervising correction deputies was 29-year-old barry taylor, but during the months of january and february, taylor's arrest warrant claims the two were involved in a sexual relationship, while kemper was under the watch of correction deputy taylor. >> this is an unfortunate situation.
5:31 pm
as you know the men and women of this agency work hard every day to protect our professionalism, to protect our citizens, and something like this serves to just take that away. >> reporter: the five-year veteran of the sheriff's office who was deputy of the year in 2013, was arrested and fired on wednesday. he is charged with sexual misconduct between detention facility employee and an inmate. a third-degree felony in florida. taylor's arrest warrant affidavit doesn't exactly say where in the jail the sex happened or how it was concealed from the deputy's jail supervisors but it does claim the inmate herself told several fellow inmates she was having sex with a creeks deputy, and when both of them were questioned separately by investigators they allegedly confessed. >> we went bay taylor's port st. john home but no one answered the door. there will two signs claiming sleeping babies are inside.
5:32 pm
with his wife. >> i'm totally shocked. totally shocked. >> brenda says former deputy taylor is well-known on her street and well-liked. she says taylor even offered to help her boyfriend apply for a job at the jail. >> i hope it's just a thing that is really not true. like i said, he's a super nice guy. >> reporter: in all likelihood the case against deputy taylor, the former deputy taylor, should i say -- will not happen here in brevard. the state attorney in this county, phil archer, requests over governor scott re-assign this case to another jurisdiction. the reason being, one of his attorneys is related to the disgraced deputy. derrol nail, fox 35 news. >> bob: a followup. the coast guard is inspecting the storm battered royal carribean ship to make sure it's good to sail this weekend.
5:33 pm
anthem of the seas ship suffered more damage than originally thought. officials say its propulsion system sustained some damage. the ship itself was getting batters by 30-foot waves last week. the issues and damages have been fixed. they say, and royal caribbean officials tell us they expect to sail as scheduled this weekend. >> sonni: turn in a gun and get a $50 gift card. part of the gun buyback. it's all about pushing for more responsible gun owners. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is holding their gun buyback, no questions asked, no i.d., all you have to do is drop off your unwanted guns right here and it's all to promote gun responsibility. >> this would be a pistol. >> one after another, people drove in to get rid of their unwanted guns. >> an old rifle that belongs to my dad and we didn't need it.
5:34 pm
>> a .22 rifle. >> reporter: this gun buy back campaign was started when scott pine was gunned down two years ago. he was responding to a car burglary when deputies say criminal used a stolen gun to shoot and kill pine. >> last year we had an 83% weapons that were taken out of cars, 83% taken out of up locked cars. defies logic. statistic we're down four percent, not enough. >> the major says to help bring crime down people need to be better gun owners. >> if you own firearms that's your right within our constitution, and we support that. we're not taking a pro or antigun stance at all but this isn't the point. the reality is if you own those things you have a responsibility to maintain them safely. they should be looked up in your home. >> gun owner as i agree. >> if you own guns, there's a big responsibility that comes with that. >> last year more than 225 firearms were turned in. deputies are hoping to get more this year. >> the gun buyback event runs
5:35 pm
reporting in orange county, fox 35 news. >> bob: ford says it is building four new suvs in the next 0 four years, expected to announce entirely a new product line, categories for suvs, as more americans, both nil -- millenials and baby-boomers are buying up the bigger vehicles over sedans. how quickly we forget four dollars a gallon for gas. ford is coming out with new suvs because they figure, gas is always going to be this low. >> well, let's hope they're right, bob, exactly. it's funny, suvs have become the family car of choice. used to be the accords and maybe the camrys, but people are loving those rav4s and honda cr4s. and you get good gas mileage, more space and people think they're safer in them. ford is going to bring out four new models of suvs over the next
5:36 pm
not saying what they're going to be but say they're in areas they're not in yet so they're putting a lot of money down on the suv market right now. >> bob: people kind of go through whenover having kids at the minivan phase. we go to that there's something about the suvs that people have and for whatever reason even as we get older, we enjoy it. we feel -- some ways they make u.s. feel young, a little more sporty, i suppose. >> well, i think they do. and it's funny because the baby-boomers, then retiring by the thousands every day, they actually do like those suvs, those come tact suv -- compact suvs because they feel more active,' and even if gas price goes back up, the belief is that people will stick with these suvs, the fuel -- the mileage they can go on a gallon of gas is so much better than the used to be and because of that we do like the feel of an suv.
5:37 pm
you much. >> my pleasure. >> sonni: a feel-good story to get your weekend started right. thanks to the power of social media a little dog and his owner are reunited in volusia county. to dog's long journey began when his own owner gave him to friend to look after him. the dog was not happy and ran away from his caretaker. young posted a picture of his little dog on a volusia county lost and found facebook page. at the post went viral and the drivers sported him yesterday. he was picked up by police, given a promptly doggy makeover and the rest is history. >> poupee. >> i wasn't going to say it the other way. i don't know. just maybe -- >> like how you work your way around that. the dock's name is poupee. planning to tile the knot
5:38 pm
>> there's a lot of planning involved there and a lot of choices as well when it comes to decorating. we'll show you the hottest new trends for weddings in 2016. >> bob: sanders vs. clinton in a throwdown, greta van sunday stern with all the information. >> good information here. we'll have the full forecast for the weekend and a shot of rain coming next week. >> pump patrol. 1:58 for regular at the marathon
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5:41 pm
1.58 in en. >> sonni: great movie. >> bob: we've come a long way. a lot of new trends when it come towards decorations for that special day. >> sonni: better hair these days. >> bob: what was wrong with the hair? >> sonni: a little big. david martin take is toking we expo to show us. >> let's check in with the experts on decor trends for weddings in 2016, straight from
5:42 pm
special event. starting with the importance of making a statement. like this water bubble coffee table would. >> trying to get a piece to talk about. the whole idea is to mix a specialty item that makes you talk about something. this is a piece that makes you sit and go wow. >> also, metallics are super in right now. >> people love the gold and silver. it just brightens up the room and when you put a candle in there, just lights 'the room. >> even with fabric. >> we think the metal trends are hot right now silver, gold, the mid-century is coming back so we're adapting to that with different drapes, linen gauzes are popular. >> every good wedding needs a visual prop or two. >> a lot of lights. >> like this tree. >> we brought it and then a flower wall which is latex flowers which is behind us, great backdrop forked with
5:43 pm
>> the lights are not getting hot because it's led. >> you got it. over 4,000 lights and puts together in an hour and a half. >> only 2600 bucks. but our favorite decor item is part human. >> we aim to make a wow statement as soon as you walk in, so you're coming to a wedding completely different from anyplace you have been before. imagine this filled with your cars, trying to find your table. she'll help you find your name and point you in the right direction. want something commit fabulous champagne toast' and she can roll through with the table and it can be filled with desserts. >> at the convention center, fox 35 news. >> sonni: better have good balance. >> bob: the gloves coming off in last night's democratic debate. >> sonni: both candidates hoping their jabs will carry some carolina.
5:44 pm
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5:46 pm
greta van susteren just >> sonni: you decide 2016. the two democratic candidates
5:47 pm
the nevada dem crosswalk caucus after bernie sanders' 20-point victory of clinton in new hampshire. the gloves came off on a debate in milwaukee. >> i am proud to say that henry kissinger is not my friend. i won't take at vice from henry kissinger. >> no journalists have asked could who you do listen to and we have yet to know who it is. >> well, it ain't henry kissinger. >> that's fine. >> let's go to greta van susteren. finally some fireworks on the democratic side. we waited a long time. they were overshadowed by the g.o.p. for so long but they're getting into it now and it's a little more interesting to watch. >> oh, yeah. the dnc made a big mistake bit by not having debates and buried their competitors. the g.o.p. took all the media oxygen as a consequence. they
5:48 pm
hampshire, and in new hampshire, sonni, sect clinton was clobbered by senator sanders so she really needs to win in south carolina in milwaukee she tied her horse to obama's cart and she wanted to make sure that she and obama are as tight as can be and she tried to make bernie sanders look fringe and impractical. that was her strategy last night they both got testy. >> sonni: what does sanders have to do to keep this momentum going in the southern states. >> he is lucky about one thing. he has to contend with south carolina, and secretary clinton did get the endorsement of the congressional black caucus, which is very good. traditionally been clinton territory in south carolina. but coming up next is nevada, and that is the labor union area and that's the hispanics, and secretary clinton has been doing well there but he has a better chance there than in south carolina, south carolina is tougher, but we haven't polled south carolina so we don't know if you got a giant bump out of
5:49 pm
maybe things aren't as it seems for secretary clinton going into the february 27th primary there for the democrats itch don't know. but secretary clinton really needs to win south carolina and decisively. can't have a tie or flip of the copies like in iowa. >> sonni: greta, we appreciate your insight. >> thank you, sonni. >> good friday afternoon, i hope you had a good week and i hop you probably put away the winter heavy coat today. highs today though, mid-70s throughout central florida, it's been a chilly last seven days. orlando, temperatures, averaged 63 for a high. 42 for the low. the last seven days, normal 73, 53. remember, the first four days of february, we had highs in the 80s.
5:50 pm
from our visit orlando tower cam on the hyatt regency orlando. gorgeous evening. we have some breezy conditions. west wind as 17 in seminole county. 16 in marion county. winds dying down a little bit as the sun goes down but not going to go away completely tonight. we'll have clear skies but we'll also have some breezy conditions. temperature-wise, everybody now into the low to mid-70s, even upper 60s. look at the warmth spreading up to atlanta, birmingham, jackson, this warmth is going to stay in the south, and that's good news. tomorrow, even on sunday, we'll cool down just a hair, but no frigid winter conditions at least in the near future. clear skies today. same thing tonight. same thing tomorrow. best chance of seeing a cloud or two comes on sunday afternoon. 52 degrees overnight tonight. clear skies, and just glorious, plenty of sunshine tomorrow, tad
5:51 pm
northerly tomorrow but again, if you're in the sun it will feel great. high temperatures in the 60s the next couple of days and then back into the 70s for speed weeks. looks like next weekend, sneak peek, at least thursday and friday looking good, saturday and sunday should continue the trend. >> thank you. >> sonni: a health scare for barry manilow.
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>> bob: trending. a war on of words between taylor swift and kanye west over a line in one of his songs where he raps about swift and kind of making her famous. >> sonni: we've been here before. kanye says he had taylor's blessing for the line the wrote and spoke to her about it first. taylor says, nope, didn't happen. she says she never knew about the lyric cautioned him about releasing a song with such a, quote, miss -- miss song is in tick message. >> barry man any life is in the hospital following complications from oral surgery. he was rushed to an l.a. hospital wednesday night after a condition certain in memphis. not clear if he is going to make sunday's grammy awards. also trending, new look into what life was like on the apollo
5:55 pm
smithsonian officials created a virtual 3-d model that will allow visitors a look inside the capsule and see hadn't written notions by the astronauts. some the space graffiti included scribbles of the lunar calendar and warnings of a smelly locker. hmm. a lot of jokes right now. big fun in central florida this weekend.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
have you rolling at the soon son the osceola county fair kicks off today. >> we have thrown the axe, thrown the wood around, now we got roll the wood around. what is this. >> this is a band and -- a brother-sister sibling rivalry and this water is cold, believe me. at 45 degrees here this morning when i got out here, they did notice want to go in the water.
5:58 pm
each other's eyes out, bobbing up and down, trying to stay dry. >> if you want to try sometime you're welcome, dave. >> oh! oh, no, no, that wasn't supposed to happen. that's like 26 degrees in there. all right. my friend, when is the show? everyday -- >> we'll be doing the shows here, coming on during the weekend, friday, saturday, and sunday, for showers a day. monday we have four shows a day and then the rest of the week, it's two shows a day during the week. >> where can we find you online. >> go to lumberjack and if you have amazon prime, check us out. we have a new sitcom called the family chop. >> sonni: an area school superintendent in hot water decides to give up her job. we'll tell you what it means for the district. >> bob: the news that everybody was waiting for. a little boy has been missing for weeks, found safe.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
who is now racing to >> sonni: breaking news. a three-year-old boy who was missing from volusia county since the end of january is found safe in kentucky. thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> bob: now, he was with his mother and an escaped convict. dana jay is in studio with the details how they found the little boy. >> the three-year-old


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